Simple Screen Recorder and Android Audio

I am using the simple screen recorder utility, but when it is played on an Android phone’s video player, the sound comes out robotic. If it is played on the PC the sound is 100%.

I have tried using various codecs and after 100’s of tests the android phones keeps on emitting a robotic sound as if it is very low bitrate. I have played with various bit rates as well, but to date cannot seem to trace the reason why recording on Linux using the simple screen recorder does this.

I used a webcam mic using the exact same settings solves the problem, but whenever the internal mic is used, audio only works on the PC, but not not on Android phones.

Another symptom that works with this Whatsapp web. when the audio recorder is used, it comes out as robotic on the other end. I have tried various settings on the audio settings for pulse and Alsa protocols.

Can anyone perhaps provide some insights on this.

maybe google needs to teach their “robot Android” to act as human ?

- sorry can’t resist - :innocent: