Silverblue Wacom intuos-s-p3-wl issue


new to this Forum but wanted to know if anyone else has had problems with Fedora 32 libwacom .tablet settings. Found out that settings from /usr/share/libwacom/*.tablet configure files work weirdly.

In my case intuos s bt tablet works flawlessly when connected with my laptop wirelessly and i can even edit the 4 buttons in my tablet panel from gnome settings.

Weird enough when i connect the tablet with usb and the bluetooth turns off the buttons stop working. #edev -event button, shows no sign of working buttons.

The problem is with .tablet config files. Just had to edit the /usr/share/libwacom/intuos-s-p3-wl.tablet (in my case).

You can edit the file with sudo nano /usr/share/libwacom/(*.tablet), add the missing EvdevCodes=0x100;0x101;0x102;0x103 (these following lines are in intuos-s-p3.tablet (the same tablet without bt function)

This is what should read in the file when its configured correctly

The working configuration file can be seen with #libwacom-list-local-devices when the tablet is attached to the pc.

This configuration work only in Fedora workstation and not in the Fedora silverblue. You can make the same changes to silverblue by typing first sudo rpm-ostree usroverlay which enables the closed /usr/* files to editing. After boot you have to make the same changes.

I Wish someone could just patch the rpm file for libwacom, with working .tablet files.

Holy Sh*** i made a small novel :smiley:

I would recommend opening a bug in the libwacom bugtracker (probably at