Silverblue install: identical nvme drives being automatically set up as multipath for installation

I’m not really sure how to ask this question but I was trying to install silverblue on a machine and my nvme drives were not listed and when I went to search for then they were set up as multipath devices which seems to suggest that I would be installing on both of them simultaneously, which is not what I want. Is there a way to disable this somehow in the Anaconda installer for silverblue or is there some work around that I’m not aware of? Thanks so much!

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So you have several nvme drives?
Best way on Anaconda installer to select only 1 of your devices to install SB on it, if you don’t want that all your devicers will be run SB :slight_smile:

Let me know, if this works for u:)



That’s the problem. It’s not obvious to me how to do that as it shows up under a different tab and only as 1 drive (it’s like it’s treating both drives as one drive for the purpose of installing).

A bit of searching revealed this, but it doesn’t seem to have a solution: 0016893: 2 identical nvme disks are recognized as 1 multipath nvme device - CentOS Bug Tracker

It sounds to me like the bios is configured for raid drives so it is using both drives as one. To turn that off you would need to go into the bios and switch the drives from RAID to AHCI.

Otherwise, remove one drive and install to the other, then reinstall the one you removed, though if they are still configured as raid then I do not know how that would work out.

@kylerconway Is only 1 drive shown in the installer?

Yeah. It’s just one drive listed as/under “mpatha”.

I guess that’s possible, but I had two totally separate OS’s on each independent drive (and have for a while). One was Fedora Workstation. This is the 1st I’ve seen this issue (or even encounted the concept of a multipath drive).

Well, I have 2 seperate SSDs as well - and it doesn’t matter, if I use SB or Fedora Workstation - I can decide on which device I want to install my OS in the Anaconda installer :slight_smile:

What is the use of multipath?


Multipathing allows the combination of multiple physical connections between a server and a storage array into one virtual device. This can be done to provide a more resilient connection to your storage (a path going down will not hamper connectivity), or to aggregate storage bandwidth for improved performance

So, apparently there is more than one way to reach the nvme drive, such as two independent controllers in your hardware, which is the definition of multipath. Great performance boost potential. But, only one drive. So you won’t be installing twice, you’ll be installing fast. :slight_smile:

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