Silverblue: how to run iotop inside toolbox?

Under Silverblue 34, I am doing

$ toolbox create
$ toolbox enter
*$ sudo dnf install iotop
*$ sudo iotop
$ toolbox run iotop

I got error:

unable to set locale, falling back to the default locale
Netlink error: Operation not permitted (1)

The Linux kernel interfaces that iotop relies on now require root priviliges
or the NET_ADMIN capability. This change occured because a security issue
(CVE-2011-2494) was found that allows leakage of sensitive data across user
boundaries. If you require the ability to run iotop as a non-root user, please
configure sudo to allow you to run iotop as root.

Please do not file bugs on iotop about this.

What is the correct way to run iotop inside toolbox?

I think you have to look about visudo. Check if iotop is in a special group and give this group pass-wordless sudo access.

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As a reference, inside toolbox, doing
sudo dnf install

never ask for password