[Silverblue] Deciding between Workstation and Silverblue

Hello, I’ve been using Linux Mint for past ~3 years and have basic bash knowledge, in other words I’m not complete Linux novice but not an expert either.

I’ve been thinking about trying Fedora, the question is whether to go for Workstation or Silverblue. I have some questions that might help with my decision.

The main usage would be Android development and some light gaming. Most important priority would be stability since I need to focus on the work instead of on the OS. I don’t mind initial leg-work, the important thing is that after the initial leg-work, I would simply forget about it and just use.

Silverblue looks appealing because of the containerization and the rollback abilities, that being said, I’m not versed on that topic.

On Silverblue:

  • does it support dual-boot on two separate drives? From my research I found out UEFI dualboot is problematic due to limited or problematic partitioning…which shouldn’t be a problem with two separate drives, right?
  • does Android Studio work? AFAIK I’d have to use Toolbox, but I’ve never done anything with containers before and searching didn’t yield much.
  • nVidia - I assume the drivers are fine, but how’s Optimus?

You can try Fedora Discussion website. There are many people enthusiastic about Silverblue there. They may help you better: