Silverblue Contribution

Hi! I do not now if this is the right channel to ask, but I love the work that you having doing on silverblue and I want to do some contribution on the project.
I’m a backend developer and the last last 4 years and I have been working on Golang projects, How could I contribute on this project?


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I’m wondering the same thing to be honest, even though I’m less experienced.

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Podman is written in Go, and the next major version of Toolbox will probably be too. Since podman/libpod is essential to Silverblue, that’s one place to look. Test, write bug reports, file PRs, etc.

The configuration for Silverblue itself is in the workstation-ostree-config repo on Pagure, but there isn’t much to contribute to since it’s only a list of packages. There’s also the documentation for Silverblue on GitHub.

There are three issue trackers, one on GitHub, one on Pagure, and another on Taiga.

The containers organization on GitHub has Toolbox, Podman and bubblewrap (bubblewrap is used by Flatpak). Silverblue uses rpm-ostree which uses ostree, both on GitHub in different organizations.

Flatpak is on GitHub. Flatpaks from the Fedora container registry and the Fedora Flatpak runtime are on the DistGit Pagure instance. The Freedesktop SDK project on GitLab has the runtimes used by the GNOME runtime and KDE runtime and by other stable Flatpaks on Flathub.


Thank you for all you suggestion, I’m reading all the links you gave me and since is my first time trying to contribute on an open source project it’s very hard for me.
I’ve founded that there is some kind of methodology with a help of a mentor in this kind of process.
Is there any place to ask a help for mentor me on this process?
It’s hard for me to find an easy bug and tries to fix it, since the project is impressive and complex for me, so I don’t know where I should start.


If you are looking for a way to get involved in contributing to open source in general a good place to start is

It will give you a chance to learn how to do things / get involved etc in projects and get experience

Thank you for the tip, I’m reading it right know. :facepunch:

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I was searching on the page that you suggested my and I’m contacting a project, but I didn’t see any project for Fedora.
Maybe I missed it and I didn’t search very well. Do you have a project to recommend me it?

Not necessary in the page I linked to - closest one in that to fedora would be centos but there is always the Silverblue docs repo

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