[ Silverblue ] Best strategy to handle `/etc` backups?

Hi :wave: ,

I recently learned that the snapshotting system implemented in MicroOS (openSUSE’s take on an immutable OS) not only creates a snapshot of your baseline system whenever you make an update (like installing a new system-wide package) but also snapshots the /etc directory. This is cool because it’s such a sensitive part of our OS.

I’d love to know your strategy for taking care of this directory: do you also use (Btrfs) snapshots? Do you back up the directory regularly (like with Borg)? Do you use Git to track local changes?


/etc is kept distinct for each deployment in Silverblue/rpm-ostree based systems.

It’s not a backup however, it just lets you go back to the configuration you had in the previous deployment if a new one does not work.