Silverblue battery life?

Hy everyone,

I hope there are some Silverblue users here :wink:

I was wondering what are you experiences with battery life?
I’m using it for the past year and I noticed that I charge my battery more than I did on regular Workstation (and yes, I checked if the battery is deteriorating).
Other than this…I really love Silverblue and I’m using it as my daily OS for the past year.
What are you experiences?

Thank you.

I switched back to regular Workstation for two days just to check out and yes, there is a noticeable battery life difference between Silverblue and Workstation.

I’ just reinstalled Silverblue again just to be sure.

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Check powertop’s tunables, if the defaults are the same. Also, try to test with the same kernel version.

Done that already, thanks.
The tunables are the same. I’m using TLP with a custom config. The entire setup is identical but somehow the power consumption is higher on SB. Maybe because of higher RAM usage, even though I don’t see a big difference there…

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