Silverblue and pCloud, no sync, no remote access

Good day,

I’ve been using Silverblue since this January 2020, and while overall it’s coming out quite ok, there are still some quirks hanging there.
This one relates to using PCloud Drive in Silverblue:

In order to “install” PCloud Drive in Silverblue with the official software, we only need to download the PCloud AppImage file from PCloud website. On first launch, everything works fine, the PCloud drive appears mounted and the files are accesible.

Default settings for PCloud drive tells PCloud software to autostart upon user login.

On next boot is where the thing starts to fail, there is no mounted PCloud drive, there is still a pCloudDrive folder in the Home directory, though with no files. And there is no way to re-sync the data, at least, none that I’m aware of.

I presume this has to do with folder permissions within Silverblue, not granting access to pCloudDrive, or presumably a pCloud daemon not running. Weird thing is that on first launch it does work properly, or at least it seems to work properly.

Any help appreciated.