Silverblue aarch64 runs on a RBPi3B+?

I have a RaspBerryPi3B+ and I would like to run Fedora SilverBlue on it but I am not sure if it designed to run on a RBP3B+, anyone knows ?

I downloaded the aarch64 Silverblue image (Fedora 35) from project website, wrote it to a sdcard using the Fedora’s MediaWriter, but looks like it wont boot, on monitor I have only the No Signal message and the green led on RBPi3B+ that indicates sdcard access is off.

Of course that device boots fine with Arbiam, and on Arbiam the arch commands return “aarch64”.

I did something wrong or it is just incompatible/not design for ?

BTW, Just in case it is not compatible with RB, can you recommend another immutable OS, compatible with RB ? I tried openSuse MicroOS, but I am having issues with video output and the way it uses to first configuration (combustion) is kind of a bumper. Also, having no video output after boot makes everything difficult to test/debug my app.

Try this Provisioning Fedora CoreOS on the Raspberry Pi 4 :: Fedora Docs