Silverblue 36 Rawhide

I have small question and open a new topic for it. Shame me. But if I have Rawhide base does it comes directly 36 or is it so that it jump next Rawhide aka 37? I could not find answere to it.

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Simple answer

Rawhide always rolls along. At certain points, versions of Fedora are branched off and stabilized into releases. When branches happen, Rawhide is declared the release after the one that was branched.

Detailed, Silverblue-specific answer

Fedora 36 was branched from Rawhide on 2022-02-08 (a week and a half ago), so Rawhide is now a very early 37.

Rawhide is always for bleeding edge development stuff, and will now eventually branch for Fedora 37 in the future (scheduled way far away on the 9th of August).

First, pin what works

Before rebasing to something experimental, you might want to pin your “known good” deployment:

sudo ostree admin pin 0

…this will ensure that your working installation is not accidentally garbage collected (if you do a rebase and an update, for example, it will remove the previous version).

Unpinning older pins is pretty easy too, but you’ll need to refer to them as relative previous deplyments, like:

sudo ostree admin pin -u 1

(This lets ostree remove them in the next round of cleanups during upgrades. The number will vary for this, as it’s relative.)

Running Rawhide (development branch)

You can run Rawhide now (but it’s not so advisable, unless you know exactly what you’re doing):

rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/rawhide/x86_64/silverblue

Running Fedora 36 pre-beta

Running branched pre-releases is usually “safer” than Rawhide. This will get you into what will be Fedora 36 (currently pre-beta):

rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/36/x86_64/silverblue

…but it’s still early; a lot of packages will still be updated in the next few days.

The beta freeze starts 2022-02-22 (This upcoming Tuesday) and a beta release for testing should happen around 2022-03-15 (but probably more likely 2022-03-22). A deep freeze for release should happen 2022-04-05, with the full release happening either 2022-04-19 or 2022-04-26.

While it’s not generally recommended to run a pre-beta (or especially Rawhide), there’s usually not too much harm in doing so with Silverblue, as we can just back to stable Fedora 35, by running:

rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/35/x86_64/silverblue

Or by holding shift during boot until a boot selection menu appears (where we can pick the previous 2 deployments + pinned deplyments of Silverblue.

Playing with early pre-beta (and even raw-er Rawhide) is best left for VMs and secondary testing systems (or if you really know what you’re doing). At least Silverblue makes switchin between things easy and relatively safe, though.

When beta happens, I usually switch to it in Silverblue and report bugs (which do happen in the beta and also Rawhide), but I’ve been using Linux since the mid-90s and work at Red Hat, so I can (usually) fix my system if/when things go wrong, which does happen in pre-releases.


Woaaa. Such a answer in detail. And you have such a cool name. I can not even imagine in the lobby bar to present myself to person like that. Anyways. It seems that I will rebase to beta in coming days. In fact there is not so much about information about the diferences in releases. I mean there is but it is not so easy to understand. Thank You.