Silverblue 34: How to run start Fedora Media Writer from terminal?

I installed the Flatpak version of MediaWriter via Software.

I can launch the software from Software without issues.

How can I launch it via terminal?

(I am trying to run it under sway, which search via Super-D using “media”, “fedora”, “writer” do not return it. So want to start it via terminal instead of Software)

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Try mediawriter

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It is not there.

( With the flatpak version installed via Software, it is not there.)

flatpak list
to get the list of the installed ones
flatpak run application

Depending on how you want to launch the applications or the launcher you’re using you could add the below to your PATH.


Thank you very much!

Now I can launch MediaWriter in terminal with:

  • flatpak run org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter
  • /var/lib/flatpak/exports/bin/org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter

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