Silverblue 30 beta installation process slow

I just started a silverblue installation in a kvm.

First, downloading an .iso with a immutable root that needs to be updated right after is not realy cool. The good thing is that rpm-ostree update is quite fast. But the installation was way slower than a ubuntu installation. Why is that ?

I would have a few suggestions for a better install :

  1. Small .iso that download latest rpm-ostree from internet.
  2. Choice of multiple rpm-ostree base template : minimal, devel, full, custom?
  3. Pass list of applications to install by default in layering mode from the install
    - Have a list to select most used applications, pass a url with a list…
    - I always install htop, p7zip, …
  4. Pass an ansible installation script from the installer …
  5. Enable auto-updates from installer

So on first reboot after install, have latest ostree and don’t need to reboot.

Also, I feel that Silverblue is less responsive in qemu than ubuntu cosmic. I wanted to install phoronix test suite to benchmark but will have to run the docker version and not sure how to do it on Silverblue.

I do look forward to use Silverblue more. I think this will be a great way to manage corporate Linux workstation.

Hi @rekriux,
Welcome to the discussion!

Yeah, that is the drawback of the way the official mirrors are serving it up more than the actual OS itself. The installation was very slow recently, I think some of that is due to test day being yesterday so lots of downloads.

I think if you look around here there are some others who have written Ansible roles for setting up a workstation, which would likely give the answers you want. Maybe start here How I automated my Fedora Workstation with "modular" Ansible roles .
You can enable autoupdates of rpm-ostree this is a good link from @miabbott

I had to use QEMU with Virt-Manager to be able to run any VM successfully on my Silverlbue installation. They had to be layered with rpm-ostree install, and they are slow in my opinion. I cannot offer a comparison to Unbuntu Cosmic since I don’t use Unbuntu and haven’t for many years and then only long enough to realize I wanted it off my PC.
As for containers, podman buildah and skopeo are the tools in Silverblue. Podman can run a Docker container usually without any issues, and does so rootless.