Signal Screenshare won't work

Just started LOVING Fedora after leaving Apple ecosystem (and privacy invasion) in my rear view mirror (not a minute too soon). I use Signal heavily and use screenshare function a lot to help relatives and friends with computers and website stuff. After falling in love with Fedora for a few days, I found Signal can’t do screenshare on it. I click to start it and nothing happens. Does anyone have a solution to this, as it’s close to a dealbreaker for me if I can’t resolve it.

You might give more info about your setup.

Check here:

Screen sharing on Linux X11 works, however Linux Wayland does not currently work. Virtually all Linux distros which default to Wayland (Fedora, Ubuntu 21.04, Debian 10, etc) also include PipeWire. PipeWire enables things like screen sharing on Wayland, and upstream Chromium includes support for it.

Try x11 instead to see if it works.

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Thanks. not sure what setup details you’re referring to. It’s a standard installation of Fedora 28 workstation. after installing, the very first thing we did was install Signal so we could use the screenshare function for me to walk my friend through Fedora apps and setup stuff. He has a Thinkpad T470. I have a Macbook Pro I managed to get Fedora working on. Both machines do the same thing. Black screen when try to share screen.

I am not as technically knowledgeable as many on here. Can you please explain what you mean by “try X11 instead”.


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I guess you meant 38 right?

Ok, on the login screen click on your user you want to log in. On the bottom right you should see a gear. click on it an change from Gnome to Gnome on Xorg.

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Duh, sorry yes, i meant Fedora 38.

I see that option, excellent thanks!

One question - I really like Fedora how it is with defaults. I am not sure what this Xorg thing is exactly, but if it will ruin/change my user experience, it will be a potential deal breaker. Can you please briefly explain what “Gnome on Xorg” option actually does, and how it differs from default?

PS, if it will change the user experience, is there by any chance a bit of terminal code I can put in which will make Signal able to do screenshares with a default boot up (i.e. not via Xorg option)?

Wayland is a replacement windowing system for Linux distributions. It replaces the aging X11 standard. Because it requires applications to be modified to work with it, adoption has been slow so far. At the time of writing, increased security is the main advantage over X11.

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Thanks. I will have a read. Weird, before I changed to Xorg, I tried it one more time and signal acually did a screenshare while using Wayland. Maybe some recent updates fixed the issue?! If so, I just got lucky :slight_smile: