Shutting down takes a lot of time

I’m running Fedora 30, and it takes like a minute to shut down the pc.
What could I do?

Hit the ESC button and see what the message(s) are. Usually there is information about the process that is inhibiting the immediate shutdown.

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It is either stuck on A stop job is running for PackageKit Daemon,
or on A stop job is runnung for User Manager for UID 1000.
and the wait time for both is 2 minutes.

What could I do?

maybe he was checking for updates?

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On shutdown? Every time? It doesn’t seen right to me.

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the problem also affects me, but it is limited to when I use gnome-software and only in the shutdown, if I restart the pc is fast. I think it’s a bug:


To me it happens on reboot also, and I rarely use gnome-software…