Shut down laptop power off takes minutes

@bojohnson02, thing you’ve posted is the start of the service. We need to see debug output of process trying to stop if we hope to see something there. I.e. note the time you’ve issued the stop command and post the output from that moment till the end. If it’s too long to post here you can use something like fpaste or pastebin.

Am I right in understanding you’ve stopped the firewalld process manually, not tried to shutdown your system? It that’s the case, you now have a much simpler way to troubleshoot the issue and try some things – without the need to shut down and power back up your computer every time.

rmmod itself is for unloading kernel modules. This link says firewalld uses netfilter kernel modules, presumably that’s what get unloaded on service stopping (I don’t know for sure). If you’re right and rmmod is to blame, then you need to look for info on which modules are used and what can prevent their unloading.