Patched mutter for GNOME Shell 40. For Fedora 34. This mutter patched with MR-1441 which is so far most performance improving MR I ever tried. So this COPR I did for myself and you welcome to try as well. VERY IMPORTANT! Only for X.Org for now. Wayland is not supported yet. So don't forget to switch to x11 before mutter update. Daniel van Vugt is working on wayland support right now.

Installation Instructions

GNOME Shell 40 mutter with MR '1441' (tripple-buffered) copr repository

Included packages Install

sudo dnf copr enable shrisha/gnome-shell-mutter-tripplebuffered-40 sudo dnf upgrade


sudo dnf copr remove shrisha/gnome-shell-mutter-tripplebuffered-40 sudo dnf distro-sync

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Hi! Thanks for making this. Is it currently updated with the latest commits?

Works really well. I have a bug report:

  1. this fork disables touchscreen’s gestures
  2. interaction with touchscreen is buggy (can’t scroll in folders pages in applications launcher)

If this isn’t the right place to notify this bug, please tell me where i can report this.

Yes, it’s compiled with latest changes on that particular day. Usually I’m trying to get most stable commits, means if new commits has not much breakages so I compile new one.

Probably it’s because of wayland not fully supported yet. But if you are on x11 then that can be reported over there: WIP: Dynamic triple/double buffering (v4) (!1441) · Merge requests · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

Works like a charm on Fedora 35, system feels like a whole new computer, thank you!

Could you please build it on top of Gnome 42 for Fedora 36 :slight_smile:

I will. As soon as F36 will be released :wink:

Fixed multimonitor issues with MUTTER_DEBUG_ENABLE_ATOMIC_KMS=0 in /etc/environment.

tripplebuffered mutter for Fedora 36 is ready :slight_smile: guys please try it.

Hi, could you pass the link? I can’t find it

Working great here:

You’re a legend thanks a million!
So smooth now

Follow installation process given in a description.

Credit goes to Daniel van Vugt :wink:

Fedora 36 on an HP EliteBook 2540p. It’s far smoother than it had any business being.

Feels like a brand new laptop!

@shrisha thank you for applying the patch! It works great, really! Hope you’ll keep on maintaining it, at least till the GNOME developers decide to merge it :slight_smile:
Successfully tested (with great improvements and results) on a PC with NVIDIA GTX960 and a hybrid laptop with intel + nvidia!
Fedora 36
NVIDIA drivers 515.43.04

Good job.
But sometime gdm freezed when unlock.
I’m not sure if it’s this mutter related.

It can be because of few things. Extensions, drivers, etc. What is you hardware specs?

Yes, that’s a plan, will maintain it until it merge. And if some new interesting performance patches for mutter will come up in a future I will test them and everybody is welcome to do so too.

Great! Such an old piece and still kicking :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to create this, it has been great for testing. I have applied the patch to my system (specs as below), and has transformed the animations, which felt like 30 FPS before, to buttery smooth. Very much looking forward to this getting merged into GNOME.