Show favorites bar on mouse hover

On Fedora 33 when a hovered my mouse on the left side of the screen, Fedora would show my favorites bar, it doesn’t happen with the new bottom bar.
I honestly don’t know if I had a plugin for that because I always upgraded my installation, but this time I have a fresh installation without any tweaks.
Is it possible for the bottom bar to be shown when I hover the mouse at the bottom of the screen? At the moment I have to move the cursor to the hot corner and then come back with it to the bottom, which is very impractical.

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I have the same issue with Fedora 37. There are no settings to configure the taskbar.

This has not been available since gnome was upgraded from version 3.38+ to version 40 which occurred for fedora with the release of fedora 34. The taskbar on the left of the screen is now known as the dash at the bottom and has always been available with a single press of the ‘super’ key (also known as the ‘windows’ key) at lower left of your keyboard.

I do not miss the mouse hovering behavior.