Should we use docs-fp-o as our "meta repo" for now?

There seems to be a consensus that we have a “meta repo” for tracking tickets that aren’t directly tied to content. The general opinion seems to be that a GitLab dashboard is the best long-term solution, but in the interim we’re starting to come up with more work that needs to be tracked, so we need to pick a short term place for it.

I propose we use the docs-fp-o repo on Pagure for the time being. Are we all okay with that?

No wonder, in am for it. :blush:

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It is a +1 for me, and would help my sporadic Fedora Docs contributions to be more organized! This was also something raised recently in a conversation with @riecatnor and @t0xic0der regarding the Websites & Apps docs.

Okay, I’ve set up a meeting label to tag issues to be discussed. I’ve also added a link to the search of the meetings tag in the meeting procedure docs.

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