Should we restrict who can create new topics in Proposed Common Issues

I am thinking it will be better to restrict who can create new topics in Common Issues

It is restricted already, isn’t it?
At least I just can make proposals?

Restrict to whom? The answer question is important to the broader question.

We get a post that probably should just be in Ask in English landing there every week or so.

I think probably if we did this Ask Fedora -> English / Non-English / Common Issues structure it’s be less common frequent (because right now people can’t post directly in Ask Fedora).

On the other hand, these posts tend to be nicely structured because people follow the template…

Yes, this is why I am thinking about this.

  • First of all, do we want to make Proposed Common Issues as a landing page for bug reports by users?
  • How to maintain the quality of the bug reports? Do we expect Common Issues should have a Bugzilla report?
  • Currently, majority of Common Issues are created by a bot as a result of scanning Bugzilla
  • If it is the better work flow, then request users to report bugs to Bugzilla, get nominations as Common Issues over there, then it will appear in ASK

I hope it helps to explain what I am thinking about the “restriction” .

Thank you for the correction. Yes, actually it is Proposed.