Should we rename "basic user" to "first-level user"?

The default Discourse trust levels are New, Basic, Member, Regular, and Leader.

On this site, I’ve prefixed the last three with “q&a”, to make it clear that they are levels for this site, not Fedora in general. (I mean, they might coincide, but might not!)

These aren’t really the names I would have chosen, but I don’t want to significantly deviate from other Discourse sites. As I’m thinking about it now, “Basic” seems… I dunno, a little bit mean. Should we change this to “First-Level”?

  • Yes, changing it would be more welcoming.
  • Keep it: the name is negative, but that encourages people to move up!
  • Matthew, you’re overreacting. This is fine!
  • I have a different idea (in comments).

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I think it is a little thing to do if it means more inclusive feel to some then it’s a benefit overall since by that simple act we get more community members.

The basic user is TL1 is it not? The member would then be TL2.
It would then follow that a basic user has minimal rights as is appropriate. I cannot see that most of them even know what their TL is since it is not shown by default even when going to the profile.

If basic is the default why make ours significantly different than other discourse sites?

I don’t think it is mean but simply implies, as it says, basic rights.


Honestly Level1, Tier 1, Novice, Entry Level, First level, all denote someone with minimal rights. I simply don’t see them as condensing or less inclusive.


It actually is:

You can also see the corresponding badge by clicking on someone’s avatar (like your green C circle.)