Should we relax the "no shop talk" rule for Fedora Social Hour?

Hey all! For the past year and a half at Fedora Social Hour, we’ve had a general rule “no talking about work”, where “work” is Fedora Project work… it’s okay to share how your day job is going, but not to talk about something that should be a different Fedora team meeting.

This came from feeling like Too Many Meetings Already, and wanting to make sure this stayed social. But of course, Fedora itself is often a social activity, and sometimes folks want to talk about what’s going on (maybe free from the more formal constraint of a meeting about that topic).

For that reason, we bend the rule often. Should we just go ahead and officially relax it?

  • Yes, all Fedora topics are fair game
  • Yes, but we should time-limit or interest checks if a topic is dominating
  • Partial — let’s make it every other meeting for each time slot
  • No, keep it to Off-Topic Fun

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