Should we have an #events tag?

Edit: I didn’t include an explicit “no” option, which makes it hard to know if people are opposed. So there’s a new poll in a reply down-thread since I can’t edit the existing poll.

As I was creating the DevConf.CZ thread, I realized we don’t have a tag for events. That seems like something we should have. Should it be in Project Discussion or Watercooler?

I have my own thoughts, but I wanted to get input from others. What do you think? (It’s multiple choice because we might want to have a tag in each: one for events people are attending as Fedora representatives (or that the project is sponsoring, etc) and one for off-topic events that people want to talk about.

  • Yes, in Project Conversation
  • Yes, in Watercooler

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Fedora Magazine also has an “events” category that doesn’t get used much these days. Maybe some of the posts could/should be cross-tagged with #magazine?

Sure, if there are events that would make for good magazine articles, I could see people doing that.

I always had the idea of creating a monthly post in the magazine about upcoming events. My proposal was to create a fedocal calendar where people placed their events and a writer/editor could take the calendar and create a post about upcoming events.

Maybe we can translate that idea but using discourse?

I noticed that there isn’t a “No” option in the voting

D’oh. I intended for “not voting for any” to mean no, but there’s no way to count it. I’m going to edit the poll (which I believe will clear the results) add a new poll to include an explicit “no”
vote. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Yes, in Project Conversation
  • Yes, in Watercooler
  • No, neither

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There’s an existing Events calendar in Fedocal, but it’s been a long time since anyone added to it. I’m in favor of deleting that and using Discourse instead. I think we might actually get people using it then, which would make doing a monthly Magazine article like you suggest a lot easier. I’d also put basic info in the “Friday’s Fedora Facts” posts I do on CommBlog.

This will be a week old tomorrow, but I’m too lazy to put a reminder. Should we proceed with the events tag?

If we do, can the FedoraShareYourScreen Week be the first entry?

I am currently voting “maybe”. But also, we’ve already got one — it’s just limited to :category_news: News & Announcements right now. For that category, the tags are basically topics. But for Project Discussion, I want to stick with “tags represent the team” as much as possible. So I think it’s #ambassadors or #mind-co already — or #dei for Week of Diversity. If we have a standing, separate team for something like Flock/Nest, maybe that could also be its own tag.

I don’t want to do “put a tag on it because these are conceptually similar in some way”. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, I better work at explaining better. :classic_smiley:

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It does, but I think events are sufficiently special-case to warrant an exception. In particular, I’m thinking about people who might want to subscribe to that tag and ignore, e.g. #ambassadors. Selfishly, that includes me because I want to be able to find that sort of information easily to put in Friday’s Fedora Facts without having to firehose all of Discussion.

I’d be fine with having an Events Calendar topic in News and Announcements (I missed that it has an events tag when I proposed this) so long as people could easily add events to it (perhaps with links to specific threads in other tags).

What I don’t want is to have to force people to remember to use consistent tags for events. I think DevConf is a great example. It’s relevant to so many teams that we’d need to use like half the tags on the thread. If someone forgets a few of those, then people who mostly pay attention to the missed tags will miss out on the event discussion. It’s roughly akin to sending an email to devel and assuming everyone sees it. (That’s not a perfect analogy because Discussion has some additional discoverability for tags you don’t subscribe to, so people who aren’t following a particular tag still might see it, but it’s close enough that I hope it makes my point)

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Well, I see that the events tag in News and Announcements should be enough since there is nothing else with that tag: so that’s enough for me

Can you think of other potential tags which might fit in that same special-case? I have a feeling that I can’t quite articulate that a one-off special case is worse than a general special case.

(One possibility might be fedora-linux-36, fedora-linux-37, etc. tags.)

Not offhand, but I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think I like the idea of release-specific tags here (they make sense for Ask). Maybe it would help to think of “events” as a team with highly-dynamic membership? But if the News category’s events tag works for what I’m saying, then it’s moot.