Should we enable the new Discourse "new user onboarding" tips feature?


Should we turn this on here?

Should we enable this feature here?
  • Yes, let’s try it!
  • I don’t like it (I’ll explain below)
  • Maybe, but not yet — give it time
  • I don’t care but I like to vote!

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it is experimental so hope it will not break any important part

I think we have reached the bandwagon effect :smiley:

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That alone has never stopped Fedora from adopting a new feature :sweat_smile:. “First!”


Will this start showing tips to folks who have been on this forum for a while?

Is there a way to indicate when you first make an account that you are familiar with Discourse and therefore don’t need to see anymore tips? In that case you would still have the tutorial that you get DMed with as backup. Only bringing this up because Discourse is pretty popular now across FOSS projects and it would nice to have a way to tell the forum: yes, I know how you work.

But otherwise for new people I think this is a great feature because Discourse works differently enough from the most popular social platforms that you could get lost! At least that was my experience for a little while.

Edit: yes, there is a way to tell Discourse to stop showing tips, lol. Just needed to read the post a little more closely.

I don’t think so — but I don’t actually know.

Let’s try it and find out!

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