Should we ask for a new banner/theme from Fedora Design?

Hi everyone!

Since we put this site up pretty quickly a few years ago, we didn’t do much in terms of visual customization. I’d like to ask Fedora Design about making us at least new logo banners and site icons.

We could also have distinct banners for each category, possibly theming uniquely for each language.

What do you think?


In my personal opinion, this is not required. But if we have free capacities in the design team, why not.

Taking a quick look at discourse instances of other Linux distro’s forums, yes, typically they customize the appearence to give it the corporate look/identity.

What I like at Manjaro Discourse is the footer that presents common and useful links:


This is how to get it

Search banner


  1. Customize
    • Theme
      • Component
      • Add GitHub URL repo
  2. Adding to default theme
  3. Tweak
  4. Done

Regards :100: easy isnt it


If you wish I can do it… just ping me…

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@mattdm Yes, we should do that. So it’s easier to read and faster to seach for everyone. It serves too for better web-site navigation. Different languages should get at least different colours. It’s time to make it all visual more attractive and ergonomic. :grinning:

I think the Categories are to near between then the line which separate each one is barely visible, I think adding some kind of GAP will help to get a nice visibility in only one shot:

table {
    border-collapse: separate;
    border-spacing: 0px 1em;

Something like this, playing with inspect in my firefox browser, adding this parameters:

more visually, but definitively needs a CSS/HTML ninja…


Hello @mattdm.,

This is how look like, is a template a tools that discourse offers:

if you’re interesting ping me


This is learning by doing, I love the :fedora: way :100:



Hey, check out Jitsi Meet right now – Mo is taking a look at this on a design lesson livestream.