Should I format my luks containers in EXT4 or NTFS or BTRFS?

I have three luks containers.

I was using NTFS due to compatibility.
But, I’ve never used them on windows, only on Fedora Linux.

Should I keep containers with NTFS ?
Or should I reformat all them to EXT4 or BTRFS ?

What about the external HDD for them, should I keep it with NTFS, or should I reformat it to EXT4 or BTRFS ?

I am not family with LUKS. Please allow me to ask here.

Apart from Linux, can those LUKS protected volumes be accessed from Windows, macOS, BSD, etc?

Avoid NTFS altogether in this situation (See my reply in your other post).
LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) was designed specifically for Linux and it’s *nix style permissions. Using a LUKS container on an NTFS filesystem is potentially asking for trouble.

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Thank you.
I will migrate all my LUKS containers to EXT4. :slight_smile:

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