Should I be worried about Linux Kernel 5.19.12 on intel iGPU on Laptop

here a phoronix post say that white flashing happens on laptop display and could damage it.

here is mine running on 5.19.12


I don’t know anything about that particular bug. But I think phoronix is a reputable source. I wouldn’t chance it. Fedora Linux keeps three kernels by default. It should be easy to pick a different one at boot time. Hopefully a newer one will be available very soon so that this one will no longer be the default.

Thanks for forwarding the forewarning. :slightly_smiling_face:


5.19.13 is currently building, and should be pushed to updates soon:


Thanks :saluting_face:

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The tests of the new build in bodhi have begun, but even if everything works out, it can take a few days (the last kernel took 3 days until it was in stable). However, you can stick with 5.19.11 if this kernel works good for you (or 5.19.10), because there have been no security or other critical issues since. Therefore, I suggest to stick with 5.19.11, and not get the current build from koji/bodhi but wait until it is pushed to stable… unless you want to engage in testing :wink:

As Gregory already said, you can choose the preferred kernel at boot time in grub.

Btw, we have already some confirmation that the Intel display issue has been solved in the new kernel! So stay tuned :slight_smile:


This time it was much faster. Obviously, this issue was more critical than the recent ones & the new kernel only contains reverts. However, the speed of its provision was still impressive! Great work of jforbes and the team around!

5.19.13 is stable → everyone who cannot exclude to be affected should now dnf update and reboot.


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I think my laptop graphics (display, HDMI out, display port out) may be broken due to this kernel bug.

My laptop is a Clevo P950ER, with Intel Core i7-8750H.
I run Kinoite, and when I booted into a new image on Thursday/Friday, I got strange graphical artifacts on the LUKS unlock screen. It quickly escalated to full-on white flashing, so I tried rebooting. After this, I’ve been unable to get any graphics working on the laptop, be it the display, HDMI out or displayport output. I know it boots, since the keyboard LEDs go through their initialization sequence, but apart from that it’s completely dead.

This is a little inconvenient since I’m in the final throes of thesis writing, and also need to run some rather demanding applications for experiments.
I’ve extracted the most important stuff from its hard drive, but if I can’t get the laptop running again, I’m stuck using termux on an old android tablet as my dev environment :dotted_line_face:

Any advice?

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Are you able to get the display to work using an older image or a Live system? If you can’t I’m afraid you need to service that laptop.


The Clevo boot splash screen doesn’t show up, so I think the problem exists pre OS init. I’ll try to burn a live image when the opportunity arises

I’m currently very happy that I run Kinoite. I managed to boot into an old image and lo and behold, the internal display lit up! After updating to a newer image, all seems to be well.

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