Should gnome terminal replace with console by default

I think there is no way to use Fedora without using terminal. Fedora is not the kind of OS that is made to be used 100% GUI. At some point sooner or later you end up in terminal, for many reasons. The reason I’d like to mention is troubleshooting: have a look at the ask category. Normal users ask normal questions and most of them are diagnosed and fixed in terminal.


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Just to be clear, I don’t believe gnome-terminal is deprecated. Console’s readme explicitly says:

We are not however trying to replace GNOME Terminal/Tilix, these advanced tools are great for developers and administrators, rather Console aims to serve the casual linux user who rarely needs a terminal

Gnome matrix they were chats about replacing but it won’t happen anytime soon as there is a hugh difference in features but just to be clear gnome have plan to port everything in gtk4 so once console will catch up with terminal you can expect that to happen.
Same with image viewer they are working on a new gtk-rs rust base gtk4 image viewer which will replace what we have now.