Should a merged Ask Fedora + Discussion site have a "lounge" for high-site-trust users?

I don’t fully understand the comment. You mean you are against having a separated mods-only (which is “site admin”-only if I understood @mattdm correctly) area next to the lounge for TL3/TL4? So you are for having no separated lounge and instead add TL3 and TL4 to the current mods-only area? Sorry, I just want to avoid misinterpreting your comment :slight_smile:

I’m a moderator here, and help out at ask. I didn’t know there was a lounge for TL3/TL4+ Mod’s to hang out and bash on users, I won’t be participating thanks.

No one is bashing. But we had already issues when users became offensive or persistently kept violating rules. We used the lounge to discuss what is the least invasive way to tackle this behavior and how to avoid escalations, which is not always as easy and clear as it sounds. Also, there are situations where it is not fully clear if something (that potentially regularly reappears) is a violation or not. It is then a good thing to ask/discuss if this is the case or not. Especially with regard to potential escalations and/or misinterpretations by other members in response. Don’t forget losses in translation (e.g., is this offensive? Can it be interpreted that way?), which can also affect moderators when interpreting posts. Another example is to discuss if we have to split a topic or not, and when this makes sense - this is also not always that clear. Additionally, it is an important thing that, especially new TL3/TL4 (and ALL TL3/TL4 in situations that have not occurred before), can ask before they apply any action: this also facilitates common & static behavior of the moderators, avoiding inconsistent moderation actions.

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I do refer to ask.fedora. I meant that the Lounge there is not just for TL3 + TL4 right ?
If it should give a separate group for TL 3 and 4 topics after merge, it should not be restricted on this two groups. It should also have members with TL 4+ to supervise and interfere if necessary.

I think this is a misunderstanding. It is not about separations between TL3 and TL4, but about separations between TL3/TL4 (both together as one group) and site administrators. So I think it is not planned to separate TL3 and TL4 in any category. Site admins and TL4 are not equal. @mattdm can correct me if I misunderstood the potential approach he mentioned above:

Who is we ?
We also represent in the Lounge the fedora community and not personal meanings.

Having a group with just TL3 and TL4 together excluding members above TL4 is not good. That is my point.

And yes @py0xc3 I do get overwhelmed, commenting here and not even have time to correct my own replies. Being patient and also try to understand other is sometimes more important, than to keep insisting have everything perfect.

We as a community are from different cultures, not everyone has the “ruck zuck, zack zack” mentality. Different ages and point of views make this also not easy. So being patient and not over roll others, means to respond in a frequency that other have chance to participate too.

Sometimes reading others comment 3 or 4 times, helps to understand better and gives also the chance that other opinions/point of views get included in a discussion.

Fedora community members regularly active on ask.fp, so that they end up at some point at TL3+.

I didn’t say something else. Representing the community & trigger its culture is the goal.

Well, please stay calm. You have also to understand that some people may have or want only a specific period to get all their efforts for the community done, and maybe not the possibility to distribute their contributions over long periods with “waitings” in between. Others might also prefer to focus community contributions in one period and then go focusing on other things, and do what they can do in this period. It is up to you how you handle this, and it is up to others how they handle it.

Once you post a comment, you have to assume that people give an answer - it is not possible for others to know when your post is ready if it is not the time you post it. If your comment is not prepared for being read and answered by others, you should not post it. There is no need to hurry, so take the time you need.

I did not skim your comments but read them carefully, and I responded to what I interpreted. If I see the potential for a misunderstanding, I ask. If I would wait, this would not change.

It isn’t about bashing users. It is a place to ask for advice on how to handle complex situations or sensitive topics.

I feel like most of what’s in the lounge at ask.fp could’ve been a public discussion with the exception of a few things that were mostly related to user behavior and the response to said behavior.

After reading through this thread, I think these two are the best recommendations.
Are there going to be substancially more TL3/4 users once the sites are merged?
I’m not sure how that would play into this decision.

I think this is a great point with regard to our interactions on both sites…

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Probably, yeah. And naturally more as time goes on.