Short batery live on lenovo flex 5 laptop (mabey high CPU freq)

I recently switch to fedora from Windows 11.
But I have one big issue with battery life.

On desktop without any apps battery least something like 3h definitely less than windows 11 that can run as much as 7-10 hours .

My laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 15ITL05) has dedicated GPU so i tried to figure out haw to use NVIDIA on demand but after while i just turn dedicated NVIDIA GPU off, but this dint change much.

Then i try to find if there was some driver problem (because fingerprint reader not work). But I cant find exact laptop model. Because I find that other similar lenovo flex5 is supported besides fingerprint reader i dont think thats the case.

Then i install auto-cpufreq in hope that helps. It didn’t change much…
But i noticed that some cores have relatively high frequency(i dont know if 1700Mhz-37000 is abnormal but i assume it is).

I dont know what to do with that. But I am lost and hopeless.

Thanks for any advice that can improve battery life.

That tool provides a snapshot of conditions at that exact instant.
You are looking at the processors but should really be looking at the total cpu usage (7.7%), temperatore (39 C) and total system load (0.09)

Individual cores may bump up or down a lot depending upon which core is actually processing a task at that instant.

The Warning on the right side of that image seems more relevant to me. It is set to use the ‘powersave’ governor but the governor was overwritten.

governor overwritten is because i switch to powersave manually.
When i set cpufreq to automatic this message go away so i assume this was not problem.

I use powerTOP to see if there is some other power consumer in laptop.

I dont know why but powerTop dont show power consumption of components.

At first look i was frightened because there was a lot of 100% usage.
Then I looked through forum and see that other people has PCI on 100% usage to so i thing thats normal (prove me iam iam wrong).

I dont know if power top just add load of all cores or what but it says 42% usage when CPU freq show something around 12% on one core.

At gnome-system-monitor i dont see any app using to much CPU so I am still convinced the CPU clocking is the problem.(again, prove me when i’m wrong)

My question is:
Haw can i adjust CPU clocking mechanism?

What is EPP? (auto cpufreq displaying “EPP not supported” viz initial post)

Is there anything other that can be wrong or something that can eliminate power consumption?

Can there be problem with monitoring consumption (powerTop not showing anything) that limit auto-cpugreq decide best frequencies?

I think the tuned app does better than the fedora power-profiles-daemon service in managing power, though I have no idea what those readings on powertop represent with the % shown. I installed the tuned package and configured it after disabling the powerd.service

Since powertop shows a new value about every second what you posted is again, only a snapshot. Mine, under the device tab, shows everything that is pci at 100%.
However it also shows the estimated power as you see here.
This is on my laptop which is basically idle

On my desktop which has no power controls set it looks very much like yours.