Shell programming with grep, awk & sed and filtering the output in terminal with grep, wc, cut, sort and tr commands

Hello team! I would like to propose an Article on grep, awk and sed commands on any linux flavor and how to filter the output in terminal with grep, wc, cut and sort.
Outline for Article:

  • How to use grep, awk and sed
  • How to filtering the output in terminal
  • Demo

so please let me know what we can do with this proposal

Thank You,
Mahesh Bhosle


That sounds like a lot to cover. We already have articles for grep, cut, and awk. Perhaps instead of one large article you could write separate articles for wc, sort, sed, and tr. Then you could write a final “advanced” article that demonstrates using the commands together in a shell script. Rather than explaining each of the individual tools in the final article, you could just link to the other pages. I think it is better to break things down into smaller pieces where possible.

Does this sound OK to you?


Ok @glb that sounds great, so I don’t need to cover grep, cut and awk? I can prepare separate articles for wc, sort, sed and tr.

Yes. You have my +1 for each of those smaller articles and the final one on basic shell scripting. You can just link to the existing grep, cut, and awk articles.


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Sure @glb . And thanks.

+1 from me, @mahesh1b I’ve created Taiga card #349
The title of the card may need some adjusting depending on what you cover, but the important thing is to come up with a concise title for the article. The readers prefer that.


I wonder if we should stick with “Command line quick tips: <whatever>” for the smaller articles to stay consistent with all the existing articles? There is even a cover image that we can reuse for those.

I think that would be a good choice.

Yeah I think we should stick with title suggested by @glb :slightly_smiling_face: And thanks @rlengland.