"Share your screen day" planning

That sounds great!

Look at this: [Article Proposal] Announcement of FedoraShareYourScreen week

What does your Fedora Linux desktop look like? #FedoraShareYourScreen

Come on everyone - share your Fedora Linux desktop with us #FedoraShareYourScreen

It makes perfect sense to stick to Fedora’s Mission and Foundations. If I share software/web UI/tools for daily use on screenshots, they are all in software repositories - Inkscape, GIMP, Cockpit, GNOME Sharing, Backups, gedit.

I’m ready for this week’s #FedoraShareYourScreen


1st tweet: https://twitter.com/fedora/status/1488116311477698561
Magazine Article: FedoraShareYourScreen week (F35) - Fedora Magazine
Instagram Post: Login • Instagram

So, was the slideshow video posted anywhere? I can’t find it on YouTube.

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