"Share your screen day" planning

I’m not sure which policy you’re referring to, but I don’t see a reason we’d need to have the hashtag be unique. Plenty of regular events use the same hashtag each time. This is arguably a good thing because it 1. keeps hashtags shorter and 2. makes it easier to find old content.

I would like to suggest Mastodon (the fediverse).

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Agreed in adding mastodon, but not sure if there is an offical mastodon account.


I was referring to a policy that trends couldn’t be trend again after the trending die. Not sure if that’s a thing anymore, I’m probably wrong because I can’t find info about it now. I agree with your 2 reasons too.

You raise excellent points, and I do belive Twitter and Instagram would be the best way to reach new people outside of Fedora. That being said, it could also wall people who only use Free Software out, as the masses are unfortunately centralized in proprietary platforms.

Unfortunately, that’s a tradeoff that will need to happen in order to better promote Fedora. I support the idea of using a Twitter or Instagram hashtag to for the Share Your Screen Week.

We don’t have an official mastodon account.
BTW, I foster the idea that people could use the platform they want. The platform they are active on, and not limiting the event to twitter and instagram.

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That’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make (using Twitter or Instagram), I agree with (I proposed it a long time ago) “to be where people are”, and those are big known platforms that are free to use, and while people can follow a policy (for their own good) to not show personal information, I’m ok with it.

Sure they can publish whenever they want, but to be able to interact with as much people as we can, we need to concentrate efforts. I think more than 2 platforms is too much.

Also, I was thinking in having a showcase, I mean, gather all shares and put it in a post, probably in the magazine. This will serve as incentive to the people, apart of interact with contributors. wdyt?

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I know this may be an unpopular opinion here but I think sharing proprietary application images should be allowed. It shows to potential new users that they can run the apps that they want to use on Fedora Linux.


Make sense.


Share your screen week will be executed on First week of February:

  • Start publication and post on January 29th
  • Start marketing on Social Media on January 31st and posting twice a day on non-official accounts (my personal account)
  • Publish Magazine Article on January 31st.
  • Collect screenshots on February 7th and share it in a YouTube video (In a slide show).
  • Publish Video on YouTube on February 10th.
  • Chosen hashtag: #FedoraShareYourScreen

My idea is to make this repetitive near the end of each release. Why? Because customization on Look&Feel tend to happen on the first and second week, but if anything else is tweaked it won’t be reflected on those 2 weeks, near the end, the customization would be already in place for most people.

Agreed with plan and timing?
  • No
  • Yes

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Do you already have a text for the announcement?

On it right now, but if you want to help I need the tweet content, I’m working in the magazine announcement

What about adding family friendly pictures to the policy?

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That sounds great!

Look at this: [Article Proposal] Announcement of FedoraShareYourScreen week

What does your Fedora Linux desktop look like? #FedoraShareYourScreen

Come on everyone - share your Fedora Linux desktop with us #FedoraShareYourScreen

It makes perfect sense to stick to Fedora’s Mission and Foundations. If I share software/web UI/tools for daily use on screenshots, they are all in software repositories - Inkscape, GIMP, Cockpit, GNOME Sharing, Backups, gedit.

I’m ready for this week’s #FedoraShareYourScreen


1st tweet: https://twitter.com/fedora/status/1488116311477698561
Magazine Article: FedoraShareYourScreen week (F35) - Fedora Magazine
Instagram Post: Login • Instagram

So, was the slideshow video posted anywhere? I can’t find it on YouTube.

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