Severe coil whine in Fedora 36/37

I am experiencing severe coil whine on both my laptop and desktop.

Desktop: i5 8400, GTX 1650 super, Fedora 37
Laptop: Asus vivobook s413, i5 8250u, Fedora 36

In both cases I use Gnome. I should add than previously on both laptop and desktop I had Ubuntu 20.04 and no coil whine at all. The coil whine is too annoying and I can’t understand what causing it.

Coil whine stops when I set the profile to power-saver but then the whole experience is bad.
For example, just scrolling on a webpage activates coil whine.

Any ideas how to fix it?

On the desktop it shows as nvidia GPU. I did not look up the laptop.

Do you have the nvidia drivers installed from rpmfusion?
Without the nvidia drivers the system cannot use hardware acceleration on the nvidia gpu and the system must do software rendering and loads down the CPU with graphics. The nouveau driver does not support hardware acceleration.

Yeah, I enabled the rpm fusion and I installed them with:
sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia

The laptop has integrated graphics, iris 620.