'Settings' found printers but printers could not print. / Brother MFC-J430W

The first printer is Wi-Fi, the second one is USB and default printer.


Error mesage:
Tere is also a popup message mentioning this problem has been reported.

[fedora001@fedora ~]$ sudo lpstat -t
scheduler is running
system default destination: MFC-J430W
device for CUPS-BRF-Printer: cups-brf:/
device for MFC-J430W: usb://Brother/MFC-J430W?serial=BROM1F197682
CUPS-BRF-Printer accepting requests since Thu 16 Sep 2021 09:31:21 PM +07
MFC-J430W accepting requests since Thu 16 Sep 2021 09:17:25 PM +07
printer CUPS-BRF-Printer is idle.  enabled since Thu 16 Sep 2021 09:31:21 PM +07
printer MFC-J430W is idle.  enabled since Thu 16 Sep 2021 09:17:25 PM +07
[fedora001@fedora ~]$

How I can make this printer the default and also connnect by Wi-Fi ?

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A printer being detected does not mean that it’s ready for use, especially if it requires the installation of drivers. HP printers for example, require us to use the hplib tools to install the necessary drivers.

Please search the forum for “brother”. There are others who have run into this issue and supplied fixes. For example:


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Thank you so much and that is true.
I deleted all found printers in Settings, downloadded driver of Brother MFC-J430W and installed.
Now it works :grinning: .


I had a Brother MFC-5460CN running as my local network printer/scanner for nearly 15 years, until it finally died. They were ahead of the curve, in 2006. Not so much anymore, but still OK machines.

If you haven’t installed the separate Brother SANE drivers for network scanning, you’ll want those RPMs as well. gscan2pdf is probably the best option for testing the scanner connectivity/communication.

I wouldn’t bother with the silly Scan Key utility, personally. You have to punch a hole in the Fedora firewall for it to be able to listen for commands from the printer, and it’s hardly worth it just to be able to initiate a scan at the printer control panel.

90% of the FAQ / Knowledge Base entries for most models are people having issues with that utility. Not worth it. It’s more convenient and flexible from the Fedora system’s scanning software GUI, anyway.