Setting window init positions: KDE, Wayland, LibreOffice

I’m trying to manage the initial window positions for some windows I frequently open in LibreOffice calc.

I’m using kde, wayland and sddm. I don’t really understand how those fit together nor which of those is managing this.

I used the Window title Substring Match set to LibreOffice Calc to set the position/size for the calc window I always open first. That is working. I’m having trouble with a different calc window that ends up with a title that should match that substring. I’d prefer that window to open exactly covering up the first one. Instead it opens inconveniently large and elsewhere, spanning two of my three high resolution displays.

Initially (before I applied the substring match) all LibreOffice windows piled up on top of the specified spot. That was perfect for the two I already mentioned, but very inconvenient for others, especially the Text Import window. The default behavior of the Text Import window is quite good, so having KDE (or whatever) not override that is important.

But when you click OK to Text Import (something I do a lot) that window closes and a new calc window opens (very big and in a bad position) and ends up with the title matching the above substring. I expect it opens with a different title (thus missing the substring match) then changes title before I can see the original.

Is there a log to look at, or a way to enable such a log, that would tell me what that window’s original title was and/or why it opens with the size/position it has?

All these windows have a Window class of soffice.bin libreoffice-startcenter. I think they all have a Window type of Normal Window (even that pop up window for Text Import.