Setting screen scaling via dconf?

I’d like to set my screen scaling (in my case 150 %) via command line, so that I can automate that with Ansible. When I change the setting, I however get no output in dconf watch /. Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

I think the screen scale settings are set in ~/.config/monitors.xml

Thanks Daniel, you’re right. However, in that file the scaling is not “1.5” but “1.49532711505…”. So 2560px / 1.495327… = 1,712 px – but with the “official” factor of 1.5 it would have been 1,706.666 px. So there is some function in between, which is why I can’t directly generate that scaling number. Does anyone know how I can trigger that function?

It looks like GNOME Settings does it over dbus. Files · master · GNOME / Settings · GitLab