Set the UI of fedora latest to look like fedora 14

Hello Friends,
I want to make fedora 38 or latest version to look exactly like fedora 14.
I like the look and feel of fedora 14.
How can I tweak the fedora latest distributions to look like fedora 14?
As far as I know, from fedora 15, it was gnome 3.


Does the GNOME Classic session help? I would honestly only switch to Mate if I am unhappy with GNOME Classic.

Its a login option on the little settings wheel in the login screen

Fedora 39 mate + compiz is really rewarding of what I was searching. But I want icons like clearlooks . blue icons in clearlook fedora 14 were awesome. Is there any way to achieve icons of fedora 14?

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In general Mate should support GNOME 2 themes afaik. But the icons may have changed

Is it possible to export the icons from fedora 14 and then import in fedora 39?

There is the clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme. Maybe that would help get you closer to your goal.

dnf install clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme

I ran above command.
It did add the theme but it did not work.
That theme was not loading.

I used yuruok theme. It is almost the same. However icons available in default fedora installation is not same as fedora 14.

I am planning to contribute fedora to make available older theme of fedora 14 to available for fedora mate latest edition.

I have done initial analysis.

I should understand what was the older gnome theme specifications and latest fedora mate theme specifications. Specifications means what should be inside a theme folder, how the folder should be structured and where is the location of theme folder. Can some share some resources to read more in this topic?

Additionally I want to know the location where default themes are installed in fedora 14 and latest fedora mate edition.
I checked .themes folder but nothing is there in my fedora mate edition.

I know that support for fedora 14 is not provided. But still I really love the UI look and feel.

Is it possible if I copy the themes folder in /usr/share/themes in fedora 14 and paste in ~/.themes in fedora 39 to get back fedora 14 themes?

Since fedora 14 was more than 10 years (20+ releases) back, I doubt anyone can possibly answer your questions without explicitly testing and analyzing the issue.

I applaud your efforts and expect that through trial and error process you will be able to find the answer. What you post here may make it possible for others to do the same or similar should they choose to do so.


i was searching Fedora MATE spin-- like tips this post popped up
i’ve only use other spins on my Boxes
i can’t help but make an entry here

yes those icons and wallpapers are so pretty back then
i thought i was the only crazy who would hang on Fedora 14 :smile:
infact somewhere in the closet is an intact f14 install
over the years since fc5, i’ve downloaded all .iso of each release and they’re stuck somewhere in my archives that i can’t upload for whomever needs it
but if one dig the mirrors, they’re still there

here’s one of the direct dvd link for the f14:

please do not use it on the internet as like any releases, there are security issues on the versions of the packages that came with it-- just search tenable

anyways, i had to re-create my account to post here for my account i created then no longer exist

i’ve tried alot of distribution with gnome2 in them back then and only fedora core was better if not the best
funny, if one searches linux on google back then, fedora was on the #1 search results


Thanks for response @ruxbo !
I could download the fedora 14 iso. I extracted the content using 7z command.

I was using fedora 39.

I did copy the /usr/share/icons to ~/.icons folder and copied /usr/share/themes to ~/.themes folder.

It comes out that there was a theme named “fedora” itself. Such a pretty icons! Nice panels and so pretty arrow and loading arrow as well.

Unfortunately, after some update in fedora 39( i don’t know which command caused that) fedora 39 did boot up after restart.
I installed Ubuntu mate to see if i can get similar look and feel but silver coloured panel and all the perfectly same look of window and tab themes I could not achieve.
And I was facing iasue in stability of ubuntu 22.04 mate.

I reinstalled fedora 38 mate.
I will play a bit to get desired output.

Will change the of theme if required but I would really go in depth to get desired result in free time.

I will share once I get satisfactory results.

@ruxbo Should I try to install Arch linux and load older gnome version and get desired UI?
That way, I will be having latest linux kernel version as per arch linux.
Will gnome 2 version itself in fedora 14 will have security flow?

Or should i invest in twicking latest fedora mate and get desired output?

Have you tried this? From the Login screen, try Gnome Classic.


after posting last night, i fired it up in boxes and left it over night
oh how i’ve missed the whole simple classic and it just works
it’s very fast!
3gb of ram in a 10gb space
very snappy!
i’ll exract the files and dump them in another boxes install
brb on the result

i’m enjoying this

I did create a git repository to save my findings. GitHub - krp12345/Fedora14DefaultTheme: This theme is to achieve same look and feel as of Fedora 14

I could get almost the same look like fedora. Now, only thing I am looking for is that firefox does not obey the system theme.

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You are looking for it not following the system theme, or do you want it to follow?

Firefox cannot be easily styled anymore (it is possible usint CSS though) but for pure color themes I would recommend to use the Addon “Firefox Color” and make it match the (old?) Fedora Colors using some color picker app like Eyedropper