Session suspends on Docking station after Login

Hey everyone,

I recently set up my Lenovo Thinkpad P51 with Fedora (GNOME).
It is connected to a docking station (not USB-C). The lid is closed and I power it up using the power button on the docking station. So far so good. I have to connect the DVI output to to use the external monitor as the display port for some reason (probably related to dedicated NVIDIA GPU) is not detected and the docking station itself does not provide an HDMI output.

After startup my external monitor displays the login screen (Notebook lid is closed). I log in and the system instantly goes into suspend mode (I think) and the external monitor is black. At least the ‘i’ dot LED is glowing ON and OFF instead of ON all the time.

If I now press the docking station power button again. The external monitor is on and I’m logged in (no password entering).

Why does my machine suspend after login and how can I change that behavior. I want the lid to be closed all the time and simple avoid the extra power button press after suspending after login.

Thanks in advance