Service configured in 4645, but service starting in port number 9490

Hi Team, We have configured an Service with Port 4645 and 4646. The services are getting started, but the services is listening to different port numbers 10002 / 9490? We are not sure, how its picking different port numbers?. Has anyone faced such issue? Kindly assist.

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You need to clarify what the service is and how exactly it is configured.
Try to be more specific as the solution depends on your answers.

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Hi Grigoryev, Thanks for the response. Please find the screen shots, where you can find the running service batoumesw_64 and batinmesw_64 in server ip against port number 4647 and 4645 in the below screenshot

continued in next post

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But you can find the batinmesw_64 against 4645 and batoumesw_64 against 4647

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  • What initialization method does the service use?
  • What is the contents of the service unit/init file?
  • Where is the service documentation?