Selinux problem booting to Silverblue F31; next step after rollback?

I rebased my F30 to F31 but cannot get a login prompt. Systemd-logind refuses to start with an selinux permission denied error. I have added comment 5 to this bug:
But its still ‘new’. It also looks like this same bug is closed and ‘fixed in rawhide’, but I’ve snagged it in F31.

I can boot into F31 by disabling selinux via grub, and although I was immediately impressed with graphic performance improvements, noticed that containers/toolboxes won’t start. Maybe this is due to selinux=0.

In any case, my question really is after a rebase to 31 and then rollback, can I also completely rebase back to F30, while the bugs get squashed? If I upgraded in the F31 ostree, then I could put myself in a very bad spot???

Indeed, you can rebase between F30 and F31 as much as you want. I personally had to do it when trying The F30 beta which, hilariously enough, also had some selinux issues that caused an incredibly slow boot.