SELinux is preventing systemd-gpt-aut from using the 'sys_admin' capabilities

Is there any progress in this ongoing bug

Is it kind of a serious bug or can it be ignored ? I want to switch to Fedora i3 but not doing it only beacuse of this error…I am also not sure this bug exists on all fedora spins + workstation or is it DE dependent error ?

Mostly harmless on default Fedora. The program in question is systemd-gpt-auto-generator which will automatically mount certain file systems without needing the fstab file.

For more information, run man systemd-gpt-auto-generator.

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Thanks for the answer. Do you know why it is not a big problem in GNOME but a problem in Spins ? I read the man and it seems like a very important package…

Makes no difference for spins. systemd-gpt-auto-generator is not a package, but a program included with systemd.

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I see, my mistake. It seems that problem started around May. It’s weird that no one find a solution over 7 months. I guess since it’s a systemd issue it effects all Linux distributions that uses systemd.

I guess it also means every fedora user is effected from this bug ? If that is the case and since I am using fedora for over a year now, using it with this bug should not be such a problem…?