Selinux browser

what kind of problem this is

Looks like you’re trying to use a NIS service; does any of this
make sense, @frankjunior?

No i am not using nis

Is there some application or service that you’re trying to install / configure that is triggering this rpcbind activity?

No but yesterday i have installed kde plasma env on my fedora 34 workstation maybe that cloud lead to those errors

I don’t know much about KDE, so I’m not sure if one of its defaults does this. You wrote you just installed the plasma de; does that mean you have, say, GNOME already installed? If so, does the error show up when you log in to a GNOME session?

still there is no issue i have noticed

Ah, so the issue only shows up in the KDE environment?

Yes that is right

I know practically nothing about KDE, so I hope someone else comes along and provide more clarity… It sounds like there must be some appliance in KDE that one can use to connect to a NIS, then.

According to this page, ypserv is the RPC service that provides NIS along with rpcbind and should be “carefully implemented and behind a firewall,” which makes me think that KDE’s firewall service may be involved.

NIS is only used if the machine belongs to a windows workgroup with a domain controller and otherwise is not used at all and should not even be active.

I think to remove kde env thanks for your help

NIS is a different thing not related to Windows. (Although some old versions of Windows Server, like, before 2012, offered a NIS service, I don’t think its use was ever really common.) See

I’m just guessing, but possibly something in KDE is pulling in NFS (Network File System) client support, and v2 or v3 of that protocol requires the use of rpcbind for file locking. I think the NIS part is actually a red herring.

(Probably completely coincidence, but there is discussion going on right now about dropping NIS support from Fedora Linux. See )

Yes after removing kde env i didn’t see any issue… i also think nis was pulled by kde