SELinux alert for nm-dhcp-helper

Out of nowhere, my network connection stopped working. I stopped and started wireless, and I could surf to one or two pages and then I couldn’t connect to more sites. I realized that my SELinux alert could have something to do with it. I saw this entry:

SELinux is preventing nm-dhcp-helper from connectto access on the unix_stream_socket /run/NetworkManager/private-dhcp.
Source Context unconfined_u:system_r:dhcpc_t:s0-s0:c0.c1023
Target Context unconfined_u:unconfined_r:unconfined_t:s0-s0:c0.c1
Target Objects /run/NetworkManager/private-dhcp [
unix_stream_socket ]
Source nm-dhcp-helper
Source Path nm-dhcp-helper

I ran the recommended steps to allow this process do what it wanted to do, and I could connect to the network again. How can I verify this is legit? If its legit, how can teach Fedora not to do this again?

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