Self Introduction - Gabbie Chang

Hi all!

I’m an incoming college student interested in contributing to the Fedora magazine. I’ve already written a draft of a How Do You Fedora article for Ben Cotton, and am interested in helping write more interviews for this series.

I’m a somewhat newbie to the community, so I’d be happy to help out wherever else needed! For the Ben Cotton HDYF draft I believe I tried to submit it for review already not knowing I had to get permission here first (whoops- my bad)!

Thanks and take care,


It’s great to meet you Gabbie, and no need to apologize. We’re glad to have both the content and a new contributor. It sounds like you were able to find our instructions and workflow. Do you have some people already identified you can contact for future articles, or a person you can consult to pull such a list together?

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Thanks for the welcome and kind words! Yes, I have a couple of people in mind- Vipul has been helping me get started with contributing to the magazine :slight_smile:

Awesome! Vipul is a great host. Let us know if you need anything from this side as you go. Sometimes it may take a day or so to get responses depending on how busy people are, but we stay tuned pretty well to this discussion board.


Hi Gabbie and welcome to the team!