Self-introduction and some article suggestions: About fedora in China

Hi, my name is Liu Zixi, and my Fas user name is “jetsaman”. I often live in Liaoning, China and study here, but I often travel to Beijing during holidays. My IRC user name is jetsaman, although I’m exploring this im tool that doesn’t work in China

I learned about the huge community of Fedora through my friend “mengjuntezhangui” on the Internet. We are all users of Fedora for a long time . I have always been very interested in the marketing project of Fedora, but now I decide to officially join it.

I once worked as an editor in oschina (“开源中国” in Chinese, a well-known open source community in China), contributing dozens of articles on the comparison, introduction or recommendation of different open source software;

I also maintain my blog independently, and use my spare time to upload some articles about software recommendation and simple technology teaching;

My article suggestions are about some fedora developments in China and some community models in China-as far as I know, many Chinese beginners have subscribed to fedora magazine because they cannot understand these communities


Sounds interesting. Can you give a little more detail about what the article would cover?

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Thank you for your attention, this article will mainly focus on the following:

The first part: the role of fedora in China, its connection with CentOS and RHEL, but I think I will connect it with desktop users in China and popular Linux operation and maintenance books in the Chinese market, such as "Brother Bird’s Linux Private Kitchen ", there may be a little words about RedHat’s development history in China, but this is not the main length

The second part: the more important part, I will introduce some fedora communities that are easy to access in China, including simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese communities, and their characteristics. This is what many Chinese users need, and may have Some readers outside of China are curious about this.

+1 from me. Once another editor gives it a +1, they’ll create a card for it on our Kanban board. In the meantime, you can log in to with your Fedora account and I’ll add you to the team.

+1 from me. I’ve created the Taiga card #286 About fedora in China
You can see it in the Taiga Kanban board here:

Sorry to disturb you here, but as a new fedora magazine contributor, I am confused about what I should do next to continue my submission. I read the fedora wiki about this article, but I still need some help

Sure, what can I help you with?

Please just tell me how I should start publishing my article next, thank you.

Hello @jetsaman ,
Have you followed all of the directions found at
Did you follow the directions for getting access at
If you have access you can start writing your article at Fedora Magazines Wordpress site, just log in with you FAS ID and create the post. Once you are added to the the magazines project tracking (Taiga) as a writer, and assigned to the card for your article spec by an editor you can move the card to in progress while you are writing the article. After you have completed the article, and feel it is ready for review, move the card to the Review column. The editorial board meets weekly (Wednesday’s at 0800 UTC) at #fedora-meeting channel on freenode, and will review the article at that time and decide if it is ready for publishing or not. If publishing is decided, then an Editor and Image creator are assigned (often the same person) and the article gets scheduled. If the editors feel the article needs more work, it will be moved back to the in progress column, and the author will be informed of the reason(s), usually with helpful suggestions on what needs some more work. We use the Taiga cards to comment on the article as it progresses and to answer questions from the authors, from time to time. It is a handy way of keeping track of the article progress for both the authors and the editors. Also a good place to ask for help about specifics of what you are writing if needed.

You helped me a lot, thanks!

Looking forward to this article.

For the communities part, don’t hesitate to contact FZUG if you need any help :slight_smile: