Segfault in powertop --html fails powertop2tuned profile creation


I’m currently trying to evaluate tlp vs tuned. Tuned allows the profile creation based on the report results of powertop.

As of now I’m not able to create a report out of powertop using --html, the flag that powertop2tuned is also using in the background.

The tool is segfaulting on F32 (kernel 5.7.9) on a T495:

# powertop --html
modprobe cpufreq_stats failedLoaded 421 prior measurements
RAPL device for cpu 0
RAPL device for cpu 0
Devfreq not enabled
glob returned GLOB_ABORTED
Preparing to take measurements
[1]    15086 segmentation fault  sudo powertop --html

Upstream issue created: Segmentation fault in report_display_cpu_cstates for Ryzen CPUs · Issue #64 · fenrus75/powertop · GitHub

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