Sega saturn pad not working anymore with kernel 5.10

so, i’ve installed the 5.10 longterm kernel because 5.11 seems not to load the proprietary nvidia drivers, and my saturn pad was working very well with it (i guess it’s the kernel that in fact introduced support for that pad) but from today it’s not working anymore, and it only works in the 5.11 one

now, how do i solve this considering the pad has always worked with 5.10?
or, how do i make my nvidia drivers (390) work also with the 5.11 kernel?because i would stay with that but seems not to load proprietary drivers…

Not loading the nvidia driver is a function of secure boot. I have secure boot off and am able to load the nvidia drivers with the 5.11 kernel.

I found that out with my laptop that was running with secure boot enabled and it all at once switched from nvidia to nouveau (and of course from x11 to wayland) . I fixed it by disabling secure boot.

I have no idea about the 390 driver as far as whether it will work with the 5.11 kernel. I have no card that old to test with.

thank you, seems that nvidia updated their video driver to be compatible with latest kernel, and in the meantime i’ve switched to a steam controller, so i’m not aving this issue at the moment, let’s hope it will continue this way…