Securing Fedora

You don’t need to worry you are on the safe It is not required to run full traffic though tor if you want there are better options like whonix or tails. And i think discussion has gone far and i hope you quarries has been solved so you should close this topic by making any comment as solution.
And if you have any issues in future you can create a topic/thread for discussion.

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The Lynis security audit tool could be a useful assessment of your system’s security. Use of Lynis is covered in “Mastering Linux Security and Hardening” by Donald A. Tevault, and in “Practical Linux Security Cookbook” by Tajinder Kalsi.

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Try ProtonVPN


I did try ProtonVPN but it does not recognize the credentials entered. My best option is to contact support.

SCAP Workbench works great to in my opinion.

I never found an infection, but use:

  • ClamAV and ClamTK works
  • chkrootkit
  • rkhunter
  • Intrusion detection with AIDE

ClamAV: litte time db auto update or refresh manual

freshclam --debug
(systemctl stop clamav-freshclam
systemctl start clamav-freshclam)

ClamAV sample terminal:

clamscan -r -i / --exclude-dir="^/sys" --exclude-dir="/mnt" --exclude-dir="/var/lib/flatpak"
clamscan -r -i /home

Open Ports test: nmap
Use firewall services and gui.
un-neccesasry service

systemctl list-units --all --type=service --no-pager | grep running
systemctl list-units --all --type=service --no-pager | grep exited
systemctl list-units --all --type=service --no-pager | grep dead
systemctl list-unit-files | grep enabled
systemctl list-unit-files | grep disabled

and use systemctl disable ....
1 Like will route all your traffic. (basic for free) It is used by journalists in dangerous countries.


Thank you , I did have a problem ruining ClamAV because it was always not up-to date even do I updated it daily. I might need help there in the future but thanks for everything.

I did try it but when following the last step here. The system never let’s me log in even do I use all the correct credentials bur rather I am prompted with a message to contact support .

Blockquote Once installed, simply log in with your Proton account credentials. If you do not yet have an account, you can sign up for a Free ProtonVPN plan for Linux.


Does the disk decryption prompt support/have a virtual keyboard? When I set up Fedora on my tablet a while back, I didn’t enable full-disk encryption, since I didn’t see it anywhere. Just asking for my next setup on a similar device.


Did you just use your email/password login for your Proton account?

There is an openvpn username Proton gives you which you might have been better off using.

Proton VPN - look for the credentials for non-gui logins here when using the CLI or another client to run proton.

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:100: Frank! Linux is super great secure!!!11one

Without root access, malware will be limited only to being able to delete/encrypt/alter contents of your home directory. That’s only silly unimportant things like every document you’ve ever created. Or the plugins you use with your browsers that can modify how webpages work and send keystrokes or the contents of every http POST you make off to some 3rd party.

Don’t worry. Without root access, those Evil haxors will be entirely unable to mess with important things you care about like altering the system clock, or installing a printer.

So you’re pretty much safe in Linux you see, if you can just recite the word root a few times, and pretend that you haven’t used weak login password for it or you user account. It’s just as safe as new vaccines, maybe more.

Much love. Xoxoxox​:pray::nerd_face::brain::closed_lock_with_key::syringe::syringe:

It does not have it by default.

If one of the code of conduct points is:

Gracefully accepting constructive criticism

Perhaps offering constructive criticism should be one too?

No yelling at kettles pls.

And for what it’s worth, realizing the insignificance of root on a single user system is a rather essential epiphany in the maturation process of every well developed admin/power user.

So I have the credentials but where do I use them ?

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May be He is referring to that you can use this on openvpn no need for protonvpn itself

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Thank you, I still have a few questions. First one, I found a lot of articles describing the chkrootkit installation but none of them seem to work and are pretty out-dated ? Second questions, I am trying to install AIDE using these two articles : and
but I am having a problem editing the /etc/aide.conf , I don’t want to make a mistake so any help would be appreciated.

Can you explain what the problem is?

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I don’t have the permission to edit the file and SElinux prevents me from doing it.