Second and more monitors one machine

How does one have 2 or 3 monitors attached to a single computer. Fedora 38 Cinnamon. Simple straight forward please…I have a NVIDIA Corporation TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660] on a AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor × 6.

You pretty much just need to connect them to the GPU’s video output ports. That GPU apparently has either 1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI, and 1 DVI; or 3 DP and 1 HDMI. What does yours have?

Do you already have monitors that you want to use?

I have 2 monitors with an nvidia gtx 1060 and amd ryzen 9 cpu. I use the display port connections. No real problems that I recall except I needed to change port/monitor connections to make sure the monitor in front of my keyboard was “default” displaying boot info, etc.

I also use the nvidia rpms packaged by rpmfusion. See for guidelines.

I have 2 hdmi one on a gforce card and another on mother board.

You can’t use the one on the motherboard; your CPU doesn’t have integrated graphics.

What other ports are present on the graphics card? There should be at least one DisplayPort and possibly a DVI port.

Okay I have an hdmi on the card and 3 ports like dis:

The one on the right? That’s DisplayPort.

Newer monitors will usually support DisplayPort, so you’d just need a DisplayPort cable. If the monitor you want to use doesn’t have that, you can use an adapter.

I have that adaptor shown. When I connect and turn on nothing comes on the 2nd monitor and the main on locks up. That was after a reboot. When I first connected it show both monitors as connected. Only the main one was on. When I rebooted The main went to the starting screen then went to a blank screen with the mouse pointer usable.

Could be a bad adapter I guess. Are you using the NVIDIA driver?

What are the models of the monitors you have?

It appears you are using an nvidia GPU.
For me the nvidia GPU is only able to use one port when using the nouveau driver and is not capable of hardware acceleration of graphics.

Have you installed the nvidia driver from rpmfusion to take advantage of all the features of the nvidia GPU?

Please post the output of dnf list installed \*nvidia\*

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Installed Packages
nvidia-gpu-firmware.noarch 20231030-1.fc38 @updates

That means you have not installed the nvidia drivers and are using the nouveau driver. The nvidia-gpu-firmware package is supplied by fedora for the GPU and is mandatory for the card but is not the driver.

This is probably the cause of the problems in monitors not working or the system crashing.

I suggest that you install the nvidia drivers and see if there is a difference in performance.

If not already done enable the 3rd party repo for rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver then install the drivers from a command line with sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia. Once the install completes wait about 5 minutes to allow time for the drivers to be compiled and installed then reboot.

This does require that secure boot be disabled (if not already done) so during the reboot enter the bios and disable secure boot.

Additional general instructions for using the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion can be found at
and if you wish to enable secure boot at\bCategoryHowto\b)